New Mexican Tiles from Caoba

Spring is finally here in Edinburgh and, happily, so is our latest shipment of tiles from Mexico. We are now fully stocked with our beautiful range of handmade tiles, including several new designs.

Cactus Tile


Lion Tile


When we say “hand made” we actually mean hand and foot made… The clay is mixed in a gigantic bath, the artisans using both their hands and feet to get a good mix. The clay is then rolled out, hand cut and left to dry in the sun. This takes several days, longer in the rainy season.

The tiles have an off white blanco background glaze applied, before the different designs are added using a screen.

Many of the tile designs owe their origins to the Spanish/Moorish influences of the conquistadors, but over time the Mexican culture has stamped (or screen printed!) it’s own unique style into the range.

A good quality grout is best used when applying Caoba’s Mexican tiles to walls (Mapei or Ardex for example) and the bear in mind that you’ll need to take a slightly different approach to your DIY; the tiler needs to work with the unevenness, not aspire to factory-made uniformity.

But it’s the quirks of these terracotta tiles that we all love. Just look at what some of our customers have done over the years… Check out our Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages for more inspiration and shop updates

A collage of inspiration

A collage of inspiration

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