Mexican recycled glassware

Crafted of recycled glass, each piece is mouth blown and hand shaped by skilled artisans carrying on a centuries old tradition.
High-tech factory production methods have tried to imitate the techniques but none have captured the substance, warmth, individuality of shape, and the exquisite elegance of glass pieces made in this way.

The technique of making this unique glass is done by blowing through a pipe onto a molten glass mass. As the glassmaker blows he begins to mold the piece by continuously turning it around with the pipe. As the piece begins to cool it’s shaped as required while color is added to bring to life beautiful individual effects.
Many designs, such as small bubbles, splatters, colored swirls, confetti or pebble patterns can be produced.

tumbler confetti


Confetti tumbler. Also available are some lovely wine glasses. Visit caoba to see more.

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