Mexican Food: How to Make Fresh Tortillas.

  The best Mexican food recipes usually come with a basket of fresh tortillas. They are a world apart from the ones you buy in the supermarket and simple to make.

one: Place half cup masa harina and half cup of plain flour in a bowl and make a well in centre. Add half a cup of water to well, and stir with your fingers to form a dough. Knead the dough until soft like Play-Doh.

two: Cut two 7 inch circles out of a clean shopping bag. Put 1 circle on the bottom plate of a tortilla press. Pinch off a golf ball–size piece of dough, roll it into a ball, and place it in the center; top with second circle.

three: Cover with top plate of tortilla press, and press handle down to flatten dough. Open press; peel away plastic from tortilla. Immediately, place tortilla in a cast-iron skillet (frying pan) over medium heat.  Alternatively form a small ball then use rolling pin.

four: Cook until it begins to brown and blister on bottom. Flip tortilla; cook until lightly toasted on other side. Transfer to a towel-lined bowl; cover to keep warm. Repeat to make more tortillas.

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