A lovely review of our store on spotted by locals

If you’re looking for that distinct item to top off a great present for someone special, or just a little something for yourself, you’re sure to get something that no one else will think of at Caoba.

Caoba specializes in Mexican items, mostly silver jewellery, tiles and ceramics, the pieces are handmade and will no doubt be very popular with whoever you buy them for.

The shop also sells authentic Mexican tinned food, so if you are looking for something to top off a Mexican food night, and you want something more authentic than the usual mass market Mexican food that you find in supermarkets, then you are sure to get something here that will go down a storm. A little while ago, a friend of mine had a Mexican themed birthday party, and had bought a lot of things from Caoba for it – things like pickled cactus (and you’d be amazed at how tasty cactus is!), green sauce, and mismatched tiles to use as coasters – and it really did go a long way to making the night into something very special.

Caoba has other small items, such as paper maché ornaments and some hilariously cute birthday cards. I like the Lucha Libre wrestling masks, but can’t think of any cause to have one! It’s definitely a place that I would recommend to buy someone a present from.


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