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“He Who Makes Things Sprout”

Slate mask of Tlaloc c. 900-1200 AD

Slate mask of Tlaloc c. 900-1200 AD

Tlaloc – “He who makes things sprout” is a pre hispanic rain god; one of the major deities of the ancient Mexican pantheon of gods. He was believed to live on the cloud-covered mountain tops of Aztec Mexico, from whence he sent down rain, thunderstorms and hurricanes.

Terracotta statue of Tlaloc the Aztec rain god

Terracotta statue of Tlaloc the Aztec rain god, setting up camp in Caoba

To our modern eyes he may look a mite comical, like a seated Biggles (or is that just me?), but his cult was far from benign: Keeping this god appeased included ritual child sacrifice. Their precious tears were associated with Tlaloc and his ability to produce rain at will. For a largely agricultural society the weather, in particular rain, was the source of life.

These days Tlaloc serves as a decorative connection to harsher times. In Scotland at least rain is largely an irritant, something to get in the way of a good barbecue, but across the world the weather still has the power to give or take away life.

Our Tlaloc was made in terracotta by Mexican artisans and is available from the Caoba store in Stockbridge, Edinburgh.